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Its street food has become a must for international foodies.

Welcoming villages rest along their shores. Rivers such as the Mekong run throughout the country, adorned with picturesque islands. Vietnamese Buddhism has given rise to unbelievable religious structures.

Vietnam, a nation with a long history, boasts a wealth of natural and cultural treasures. Experience how more than 5,000 years of history mingles with a thriving contemporary society. From the legendary Great Wall and mysterious Forbidden City to the booming modern side of Beijing, a China trip pulses with a timeless energy.

You can join an exclusive list of cultural explorers as you travel to a nation where the past lives side by side with a limitless future. Since the time of Marco Polo, the west has been fascinated with China. China, the World's Most Enduring Culture.

No matter where you look, the legendary stories of mankind's collective history come to life Top Cuisine in Asia ( this magnificent place. Here, age-old sacred shrines exist alongside futuristic skyscrapers and posh resorts with swaying palms alongside desert wasteland. Ancient and modern, secular and sacred, Israel beckons visitors with its magnificent sites, holy places and warm Mediterranean climate.

Join hundreds of years of voyagers who have flocked to this dynamic country. Welcome to Israel—a land of contrasts and wonderful surprises. Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos are all well known for their silks, gemstones, pottery, silverware, tailor made clothes and traditional handicrafts.

You will find good deals on pearls, jade, silk, cloisonné, carpets, stone carvings and jewelry. China is a shopper's paradise and you can find amazing quality items at reasonable prices throughout the trip. A comfortable pair of walking shoes will come in handy for rough terrain, but be prepares to take them off before entering certain temples and religious sites.

We recommend comfortable clothing with no bare shoulders, short skirts or shorts. As you prepare to explore Asia be sure to pack appropriately for visiting temples and religious sites. You can spend a lifetime exploring the continent, so you'd better get started!

Whether you're looking for prosperous ultra modern cities, lands steeped in history and ancient tradition, great food, wonderful art, a tropical paradise or a fascinating culture that becomes your newest obsession, Asia has it all and some to spare. Asia is a massive, diverse place with the widest range of travel options in the world. We - Exo Asia Travel gather trips of a feather together so you can spend less time searching and more time dreaming about where you'll go next.

Everyone loves to travel, but not everyone loves to travel the same way. Visit the highlights of Phnom Penh and the temples of Angkor are a must-see, monumental experience. Enjoy an authentic experience of Cambodia in just five days.

We provide great holiday deals and perfect holiday breaks for couples, families, honeymooners, adventurers, and deluxe luxury travellers to South East Asia, and ensure that every holiday package deal we offer has been designed to deliver up to and beyond your expectations. We specialise in holiday deals to South East Asia, and all our staff members are specialists in all aspects of putting together travel package deals to South East Asia. Our Asia is a travel company with a difference.

They do this so their client's funds do not have a chance of getting lost and are broadcast immediately on the network. Smiling Albino accepts bitcoin from clients directly in a peer-to-peer fashion, although they want clients to use non-exchange-based wallets. Attendance at an authentic local festival rounds out this in-depth exploration.

Traveling alongside an expert Tour Leader provides a deeper understanding of Bhutan's distinctive culture. Walk among Bhutan's remote villages, soaring peaks and sacred temples to soak up the contagious contentedness if this visionary Himalayan nation. High quality with an excellent room standard, a full range of facilities and first-rate service; may be a new property or regularly refurbished with attention to ongoing maintenance.

You can be confident that comfort and great service awaits at every stage of your journey. To ensure quality we frequently visit the properties we recommend and actively review guest feedback to ensure expectations continue to be met.

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